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78. OC Eon - Eeveelutions

Eon, my absolute fav girl. :3
She is the fairy of eeveelution, a pokemon based power.
I made such a fairy because i`m a big fan from Eevee.
For every transformation, she will have a different evolution from Eevee. MW= Eevee, Enchantix = Espeon and so on.

As extra infos:
Best fullbodyref (because of hairstyle) is .
In casual she has normally no ears + tail.
Eon`s colors are black + white, then gold and silver.
You see that on all her casual outfits. And she has really a lot. ;)
Over 30 Casuals for now.

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1. I hate tagging.

2. I hate chain letters.

3. I don`t like point beggers.

4. I love Kiribans :3 (I`m a Kiriban :ninja: )

5. Most of the time i fav and run, sorry. ^^;
I watch tooo many good artists but i don´t want to un-watch someone.
So i have only the time to fav but not to comment often. ^^;
I`m really sorry. T_T


1st Contest: endet
My girls (and their boyfriends)

2nd Drawing Contest: endet
Theme: my girls in a yukata/kimono. :3

3rd Contest: endet
Design me an outfit or/and wings for my Audraix Transformation.

4thContest: endet
A girl in her Winter Outfit.

5th Contest: endet
My Eon in her different transformations: Eeveelution based.

6th Contest (endet = no winner)
Charmix Items for Eon

------> Small Contests: planning <------

:bulletred: FDBs (7th Contest = planning, need fullbody drawings.)
:bulletred: Powernames
:bulletred: Charmix Items

------> 8th Contest: planning <------
1 month pm as 1st price for now (or the points, when you need that more).
Theme: my girls in school uniform. :meow:
Some Winx fairies i will add too. It will be a normal style and winx style contest.

:icongiftsfriendsonly: :icontradesask: :iconnorequests: (atm) :iconkiribansclosed: :iconpointcommissionsask:


YumeHimura has started a donation pool!
600 / 636
:iconemotegangnam: Hello. :iconemotegangnam:

I need some points to buy me some cute art here.

Please pay here, when you buy an adoptable from me. ;)

---->And only from the adoptables (or comissions)! <----
---->All other ones please use the give button! <----

New Adopt Sale Out:

:icongiftsfriendsonly: :icontradesask: :iconnorequests: (atm) :iconkiribansclosed: :iconpointcommissionsask:


When you want to know, how many i have done with your drawing:

To-Do List:… I feel bad. ... I can`t draw normal style since over 1 year. T_T


My deviantART Family:

Lil sis: :iconanimamagica:
Anime Panda Freak Friend: :iconemosandy93:


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May 29, 2015
1:53 pm
May 29, 2015
7:27 am
May 29, 2015
6:34 am
May 28, 2015
3:27 pm
May 28, 2015
8:50 am

Small Contest (Winx Power) 

1 deviant said Hm, yeah. I have some girls without power, so i want to ask you for help. :3
1 deviant said Character Adoptable 15 - CLOSED by Lorie-Adoptables Unknown 1 - Fairy of ??? (i give her a name, when i have a power i like)
1 deviant said Commission 1 for YumeHimura by xXDiamondStarXx Unknown 2 - Fairy of ??? (i give her a name, when i have a power i like)
1 deviant said Unknown 5 - Fairy of ??? COM MW by MkE7 (skin is orange!) Folder:…
No deviants said I hope 10 :points: per power i want to use is enough. ^^;
No deviants said I would prefer a more unique power, nothing every 2nd fairy has (like fire, love or so). Write down the name from the girl (or unknown 1 etc.) and the power (in english please) you think suits her.
No deviants said Witch Adoptable 01 - CLOSED by Lorie-Adoptables Apthalia - Witch of ???
No deviants said left site SOLD  Magic Winx Adopt by LittleYellowPikachu Unknown 3 - Fairy of ??? (i give her a name, when i have a power i like)
No deviants said Unknown 4 - Fairy of ??? Com for YumeHimura by clamychan9229 (i give her a name, when i have a power i like)
No deviants said Good luck. :3

I need your help - please read.

Journal Entry: Sun May 24, 2015, 7:50 AM

I don`t know, if you have read my last journal:

my usb-stick stopped working = i lost a lot of files. HELP! (to all, from who i got drawings and adopts)

When you see your name here: look, what i need from you please.

It would be great, when you could send me the files from my bought designs without watermark/only my bought designs again.

Please send me a note with them on my 2nd account AkitoHiwatari . It makes easier for me to see, from who i got my lost things and from who not (yet).

Sadly it can happen, that you get more as 1 note/mention message (1 journal today, another one later.):

i have to go through every from my round 200+ folders in my favs. T_T

:bulletpink: :bulletblue: :bulletpink: :bulletblue: :bulletpink: :bulletblue: :bulletpink: :bulletblue: :bulletpink: :bulletblue: :bulletpink: :bulletblue:

enchanted-WinxAdopts Mythix Design 1 *SOLD* by enchanted-WinxAdopts ; Mythix Design 2 *SOLD* by enchanted-WinxAdopts ; Mythix Wand Adopts 2 *SOLD* by enchanted-WinxAdopts number 2

Sketch Adopts 2 two left by CherryBlossomWings number 4, 6, 7,11,12 ; Mythix Adopts 1 two left by CherryBlossomWings number 1+2 ; Enchantix Adopts 1 closed by CherryBlossomWings number 1 ;
Wings Adopts by CherryBlossomWings A1, A3, C1, D1, D4

MikaStyle i remember more. ... but can be, because they were auctions?
Design October 3 (CLOSED) by MikaStyle number 1 + 2 ; Design October 8 Offer 25%(OPEN) by MikaStyle number 1 ; Design October 6 Offer 25%(OPEN) by MikaStyle number 3

onavici [CLOSED] Item Design Adopt by onavici number 2 + 3

Snowfallsinwinter aka Eye-of-Fantasy Winx Design for sale CLOSED by Snowfallsinwinter Magic Winx Adopt - 4 by Snowfallsinwinter(Katya)

ChocolatAli OPEN: Adoptables by ChocolatAli Sophix + Lovix Commission, you gave me more as 1 file (one with skin colored)

Lorie-Adoptables Enchantix Adoptable 02 - CLOSED by Lorie-Adoptables Number 3 ; Easter Outfit Adoptable - CLOSED by Lorie-Adoptables number 3 ; Palette adoptables 02 - CLOSED by Lorie-Adoptables number 1 (3 i have) ;

Extidra set adoptable 14 sold by Extidra den Rock bitte länger, wie bei den beiden unter
Wenn du die Files nicht findest, muss ich damit leben. ;) Kann auch meine 2000 Notes durchsuchen: wenn du nix gelöscht hast, ist das Believix noch da (falls du es mir in länger gegeben hast).
Irgendwie fehlen mir glaub ich auch noch ein paar andere believix sets, da guck ich später. für heute reichts mir. ...

SassyFlowersWinxShop aka SassyFlower 2 things under storage (school uniform + a blueish believix or so i think) aka 1 file broken

FuzzyPookie Winx Club Oc Transformations Adoptables by FuzzyPookie 2-4

Winx Adoptable #1 {OPEN}(1 left):. by Yumiko-Spirit number 1 ; Winx hairstyles Adopts:. [Open] [Closed] by Yumiko-Spirit 2+3 (but not so important) ; Winx Adoptables (open)(2 left):. by Yumiko-Spirit number 6+11 ;

Random Outfit Adopt by shweetcupcake-store number 1 ; MW Wings Adoptable #1 by shweetcupcake-store number 2 ; Random Adoptable by shweetcupcake-store number 1 ;
MW Wings Adoptable --closed-- by shweetcupcake-store number 2, 3, 5, 7 ;
shweetcupcake Wings Adoptable by shweetcupcake number 1 + 2 ;

Nishimurashoko please put all into 1 folder under it is easier for me with "download all" as when i have to save everything extra.
Mass adoptables by Nishimurashoko bottom left ; Adoptable 3 (sold) by Nishimurashoko number 2 + 7 ; Adoptables (Sold) by Nishimurashoko number 6 ; Color pallet Adoptable (SOLD) by Nishimurashoko ;
Palettes and wings adoptables( 1 wing left) by Nishimurashoko palette 2, 4, 6 and wings 2, 5 ;

2000mira Palette Adoptable 3 *3 left* by 2000mira number 2 ; Palette Adoptable 2 *2 left* by 2000mira number 1 ;

LittleMagicAdopts Adoptable Wings Set 2 *NO LEFT* by LittleMagicAdopts number 9 ;

mariami1 mw wings adoptable 2 by mariami1 number 1 + 4 ; mw wings adoptable by mariami1 number 3 + 4 ;

HybridCatgirl995 Palettes Sheet #1 by HybridCatgirl995 number 9 + 17 ;

xLadyxFrostx Character Palettes *CLOSED by xLadyxFrostx number 3, 4 + 9 ;

Amber0Adoptables Palette Adoptables by Amber0Adoptables number 3

:bulletpink: :bulletblue: :bulletpink: :bulletblue: :bulletpink: :bulletblue: :bulletpink: :bulletblue: :bulletpink: :bulletblue: :bulletpink: :bulletblue:

Please don`t forget:
Send the note to my other account AkitoHiwatari!
And give me some time to answer and save all!

Thank you soo much to all of you!  I hope you can help me to get most of my files back. >.<

When you think i forgot something write it in the note.
But when things were for a special character from me: i have that with high garanty in the folder for that character. ^^

:bulletpink: :bulletblue: :bulletpink: :bulletblue: :bulletpink: :bulletblue: :bulletpink: :bulletblue: :bulletpink: :bulletblue: :bulletpink: :bulletblue:

Solved = saved files:
:bulletpink:GrandeRey (Palette found in the dark fairy folder on my new usb stick.)
:bulletpink:Palette-Star Palette Adopt Batch 21 (1 LEFT) by Palette-Star number 2 + 3
:bulletpink:ashia2256 Palette Adoptables- SOLD ALL!!! number 4 ;
:bulletpink:kacper11000 [[SOLD OUT]] Enchantix Adoptables by kacper11000 Number 3 + 5 ;
:bulletpink:DustyMysticShop Angela - Gown Adoptable 1 - SoldEstelle - Character Palette Adoptables 1 -SOLD- by DustyMysticShop Number 1 ; Estelle - Palette Adoptables 4 - SOLD Number 5
:bulletpink:xXxSHIPPOxXx now xXxKikkiBloodlessxXx Mixed  adopts  sold~ by xXxSHIPPOxXx (32 ; Jolteon) ; had to save the big file
:bulletpink:thth18 hope i have not missed some. ...
(that are not all i think. ... not sure, but the comments are all hidden)
OUTFIT ADOPTABLE #13 [OPEN] by thth18 number 23 in grey ; OUTFIT ADOPTABLE #3 [OPEN] number 10 in grey ; OUTFIT ADOPTABLE #2 [OPEN] Number 17, 19, 25, 33 ;
OUTFIT ADOPTABLE #1 [OPEN] number RED 4D, GREEN 3B here the journal with it: OUTFIT ADOPTABLE #1 [OPEN]
OUTFIT ADOPTABLE #18 [OPEN] <-- that ones i have.
:bulletpink:LittleYellowPikachu SOLD - Enchantix Adopt
TiaPrincessNews Open Adopts: Color Pallets  number 1 ;
AlissaLevens Adopts number 1 (4 i have)

:bulletpink: :bulletblue: :bulletpink: :bulletblue: :bulletpink: :bulletblue: :bulletpink: :bulletblue: :bulletpink: :bulletblue: :bulletpink: :bulletblue:

Skin CSS by Kassandra-21
Top image by Following-The-Rabbit
Bottom image by LiSArtz
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  • Drinking: blood. :devil:


YumeHimura's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hello everybody.

I`m a 31 years old "girl" from germany so please forgive me stupid mistakes in my language. ;)

If you want more to know, you can ask me. ;)

I like winx and have way toooo many own chars to that series. :D

Here is a list to all my Winx Girls:

Eon Stamp by Meow-Lady Eon Stamp by Meow-Lady Eon Stamp by Meow-Lady Eon Stamp by Meow-Lady

My 2 other accounts: :iconakimihiwatari: + :iconakitohiwatari:

Which Divergent Faction Are You?
Which Divergent Faction Are You?
Hosted By Anime

Spam - Stamp and Long button by Dinoclaws Germany Stamp by l8 Homophobes are not welcome by ElianaStock

Bleach Stamp by Parker-Stark DNAngel Stamp - Titulo 001 by hanakt La Corda d'Oro Stamp - Kiniro no Corda by TenshiNoFuu

Slytherin House STAMP by CrystalLynnblud Astrology Series - Pisces by feiyan






Group Icons made for me:

:iconlittleadopts: :iconeggsforadoption: from :iconmiki8263: * :icondragoriaacademy: from :iconoceanslight:
:iconstormsixclub: from :iconsweetsunshine10: * :iconspacestaracademy: from :iconmeow-lady:
:iconearthgirls: from no one yet, interested? ;)


POINT-Adoptables <-- never join again!

It is only, because it tooks soo many time to answer all. I :+fav: too many. :D

That means Tagging too!


I don´t have unlimited points myself. ... Your comment will be marked as spam!


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